“...We also sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind.”

Al-Hadeed 25

Steel Strengthening Systems

This system is used for the restoration and the reinforcement of the old buildings that have a material or sentimental importance. It’s a very suitable method specially for the restoration and the supporting of the framework systems of Reinforced concrete structures. It's a quite preferred reinforcement type due to its short application time and to the fact that a big part of its prefabrication can be realized by fabrication and that it's independent of the conditions of the structure and the area. Even though it's not used in the construction foundations, most of the upper structure components ( Column, Beam, Floor Covering, Shear wall etc ) can be reinforced with this application.

General Usage Fields ;

  • Reinforced Concrete Structures,
  • Steel Constructions,
  • Wooden Constructions.