“...We also sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind.”

Al-Hadeed 25

Steel Renovation - Reconstruction Systems

This is the most efficient method for the reconstruction of the buildings that have sentimental value. In both renovation and reconstruction applications , one can make the structure get no damage. This system , that doesn't create any contrast particularly for recent period historical buildings , is very practical since it can be disassembled anytime and it leaves no damage on the building after the disassembly. This method, that is used in order to increase its usage capability or to provide a more effective protection , gives even more value to the value of the buildings. It can also be used for the bracing in archeological excavation areas.

General Usage Fields;

  • Increasing the Usage Capabilities,
  • Reinforcement,
  • Providing a more effective protection and control,
  • It’s used for the bracing and reinforcement of the early period archeological buildings.