“...We also sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind.”

Al-Hadeed 25

About Us

Hasan Kaya Steel Construction was established in Konya in 2000. Since the day it was built , our company aims at having a strong vision about the usage of Steel Construction in our city and region and around the world, presenting a new point of view to these kind of structures and increasing its usage.

Hasan Kaya Steel Construction has used all the benefits of Steel constructions without giving up on the principles of durability , applicability and affordability and has succeeded to get a special place in its sector thanks to the both esthetic , useful and longtime durable structures that it built.

With custom made solutions, our company , that in a short time has reached the experience of manufacturing and project up to 80.000 m2 , owes its success to not giving up on the principles of perspective of designing based on user, discipline of working based on quality and unconditional customer satisfaction.

Our company , that works with the vision of giving added value to our city and to the economy of our country by developing the sector, in its life of working without giving up on the national and moral values, goes resolutely ahead with being a trustful and constant solution partner. In this beautiful journey that we will always look for the better, we hope to work also with you...

Hasan KAYA